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Many people believe, there are two types of leaders; effective and ineffective. An effective leader gets results and does so with an approach that demonstrates desirable behaviors and inspires others. Ineffective leaders do not. While this comparison of effectiveness is a continuum and not an either / or condition (e.g. we all have effective days and ineffective ones), ideally we want to stay more towards the effective end of the continuum.


As an executive coach, I can help you define what effective leaders look like for you, your team and your organization. Ultimately, I would support you in the development of a stronger sense of who you are as a leader and how you can go far beyond your own expectations for success. Although this journey might sound challenging, it can actually be quite energizing and uplifting.


Our executive coaching is designed to be a customized developmental experience for senior to executive level leaders who have taken on a new role, must broaden their scope of responsibility, increase their leadership capability, or expand their leadership presence.

Executives hire coaches for many reasons, including:


  • to increase their level of awareness of themselves and others

  • to become a more confident, empathetic, and effective leader

  • to become more intentional about their actions

  • to get somewhere they have always dreamed of going, but never dared to go


I believe, given the right opportunity and support, each of us has the ability to chart a path towards a brighter future.  In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to slow down enough to ask yourself some necessary questions and wait for the answer.  I am here to help you listen to yourself.  I am here to give you feedback. I am here for you. Together we can build a plan of where you want to go and I will offer support and accountability along the way.


Our framework, or model, is customized utilizing the leader’s definition of his or her ideal leadership vision and an assessment of his or her current state of leadership. One-on-one sessions take place either face-to-face or virtually to design various actions and “experiences” to close the gap between the vision and the current state. Self-awareness, accountability and personal presence are core components of our work and, as clients can attest, deliver effective results. This journey extends from 6 to 18 months depending on desired outcomes.

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